What’s your love language?

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What’s your love language? If you haven’t been able to find someone with the same love language as you, I sincerely hope you do. There truly is something special about someone having similar needs in a relationship. Of course, your love language doesn’t account for everything but it does make it easier to connect with someone. In my case, my love language is physical touch. Not so much in the sexy times kinda way, but more in the comforting kind of way, and when you both want the same thing… Want a hug? Anytime. Do you fall asleep faster when someone is holding you? Bam, cuddles every night. Do you prefer to hold hands while walking down the street?

His hand is already feeling around for yours. Does this truly make a difference in the outcome of a long-term relationship? Maybe, but in my opinion, maybe not so much. People have different ways of feeling loved or of loving another. It makes dating fun, allowing you to have so many different experiences. The common expression «opposites attract» even points in the directions that love language compatibility doesn’t make or break a couple. All I’m trying to say is: you have no idea how wonderful it is to be with someone who is as excited to hold you as you are to be held.

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