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What moment, when seeing someone, made you stop seeing them? Or, what was the moment that was too much for them? I can think of some examples for each situation. Have you ever texted someone who had so little regard for the written word you couldn’t keep messaging them? Or, quickly realized someone had VERY different beliefs? If you can’t agree on human rights, there’s usually very little chance of a relationship. Clearly, I’m not talking about the traditional deal breakers, like not wanting or wanting kids, expectations out of life, or religious beliefs. I’m talking about those very early moments that make you go “Nope, I’m out”.

Apparently for some guy, having subtitles on was too much. I like to watch some shows or movies with subtitles. Not that I really need them but it kinda helps me to keep up and stay attentive. Well come date #3 with this man, we decide to watch a movie on Netflix, and I left my subtitles on. The movie starts and like 10 minutes in, he asks me if I have trouble with English or something. I answer that no, I just like watching with subtitles on. He proceeds to look at me like I’m an insane person, stands up, thanks me for my time, and leaves. I never really understood that one. Maybe some of you are on the same page. Maybe some of you are as confused as me. Either way, you gotta know what you like, I guess. Be safe out there y’all.

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