How many siblings do you have?

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How many siblings do you have? How I loathe the question at this point. There is nothing more tedious than the «getting to know you» part of the relationship. At that point, there usually isn’t a connection yet, you’re not talking about life ambitions, and all you’re finding out is superficial. Oh, you work in a tech company? Living the office life? Frying up some fast food and getting through university? Maybe you live in your parents’ house and try to hide that for a while. Maybe you actually have your own place, an apartment somewhere you’ll probably brag about for its proximity to a mall or bus station. The questions I actually want to ask men about their apartment aren’t questions you can actually ask without being looked at like a psycho.

What I really want to ask is: Did you take the time to decorate? Are the plates in your kitchen real or plastic? Do you own a couch or is your computer chair in the middle of your living room? Do you have a bed frame or is your mattress on the floor? If you don’t know what I’m talking about here, you definitely never had the pleasure of visiting a single guy’s first apartment. Usually, it is a desolate land of emptiness, and I can understand, living alone is expensive, but please, at least, buy some real plates and cutlery.

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