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Is there such a feeling that compares to the one of being in a lover’s arms? I’m not talking about the sweaty moments between the sheets, but the intimate moments where the outside world just fades away. The warm glow of the sun streaming through the window, slowly waking up your partner and yourself. Turning towards each other, eyes heavy, huddling together for warmth. You lay your head atop their shoulder, as their arms embrace you. You feel a soft pressure from the kiss they laid on your head all the while tightening their arms, cuddling you more. I can almost feel the smile that would be spread on my face in such moments.

The beginning of a relationship is full of exciting firsts, but they lack these moments of pure contentment that commitment, trust, and love bring into the picture. To achieve that level of comfort, you have to share a part of yourself with the other person, and that takes time. The negatives of that type of bond? These are the relationships that make it or hurt like literal hell. I can’t be the only person who craves such a level of intimacy. I have to admit though, running away from feelings, sometimes feels safer.

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