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Guess how long my last relationship lasted…? YEARS… That said, getting back out there, meeting new people, potential love interests, isn’t the easiest… It’s pretty easy to think that you’re still desirable to the outside world from within a comfortable relationship. Most likely, you’ve even fantasized about your grand return to the dating scene. The numbers flooding in from everywhere, going to bars locking eyes with handsome strangers, sharing drinks, and making a true connection. Obviously, there were signs my last relationship wasn’t going to last. The reality of it all is very different.

Most bars are occupied with people who are either in groups and couples not looking to mingle or too scared to mingle. You can definitely lock eyes with the beautiful stranger across the room. That’s true, but you’re most likely not actually going to talk to them, are you? I know my mind would be asking me way too many questions to engage. Are they too young, are they already in a relationship, or are they even interested? Too many deterrents for me. Online dating is the key for me. It removes those pesky social stressors and makes it easy to make a connection with someone. I’ve had a few fun dates through this. Coffee dates, dinner dates, bar dates, some fun, some a little bit less, but I look forward to the next connection.

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