Death to pick up lines

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Death to pick up lines I have a bone to pick with dating apps. Amongst all the good they do, lies the inevitable pick-up lines. I hate them, with a passion. They’re creepy, annoying, and in contrast to having one said to you in a bar, there’s no chance of having a free drink thrown your way just for listening. On these dating apps, I see pick-up lines as a way of weeding out the bad apples, at least the evidently rotten individuals. Best believe if you’ve ever sent one of the numerous sleazy lines, I never answered. I’m talking about the «Hey gorgeous, nice legs. When do they open? », the « I’m a 9, and you’re the only 1 I need », the «Hey, you look like you’d ruin my life, and I’m into that», or the more daring ones «are you a medium-rare steak because I’d eat you bloody».

I wish I could be kidding, but hell, these are some of the PG ones. Gentlemen, ladies, and all the genders that can be, I end my message with some advice. You see a pretty person on here, want to talk to them but don’t know how, please do not send them a pick-up line hoping it will make them laugh. It won’t, I promise. Instead, send them a question. Asking them their opinion about something simple like «Hot coffee or cold coffee?» or literally anything else will have a better chance at an answer. So, people, say it with me: DEATH TO PICK UP LINES.

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