The story of the best date I’ve ever had

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This is the story of the best date I’ve ever had with someone online. This happened in the few months before Covid started when there was a semblance of normal life. A handsome man had been messaging me for a week or so before he asked me out on a date. This man invited me to join him for dinner and some drinks at a pub. A perfectly normal date. We had made a deal, I would pay for dinner and he would cover the drinks, a fair trade. Turns out it really wasn’t because we stayed there for HOURS getting to know each other, making drinks much more expensive. Smiles were stretched across our faces for so long my cheeks hurt. That night, he invited me over for a nightcap, and I made an impulsive decision.

We took a cab to his place and he held my hand the whole way, gently caressing the top of my hand with his thumb. It was sweet and he made me feel safe. I spent the night. You can think that that’s the end of the amazing date, but here comes the amazing part. The next morning, he asked me to get some groceries with him after a quick breakfast. I know, weird but, hear me out. He explained that it was because he wanted to cook me dinner that night, but didn’t know what I liked. You better believe I accepted. He drove me home, I showered, changed, and went back over. Turns out we wanted different things out of life. It definitely raised my standards though, sorry gentlemen, do better.

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